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Get your “things” connected !

A myriad of wireless and wired “things” now collect more data from more sources than ever before.

Internet of ThingsBy 2020 there will be 30 billion connected (autonomous) devices, according to predictions by IDC.

Information from cameras, smartphones, wearable devices and other sensors are contributing to a massive growth in information gathering, creating demand for connectivity everywhere.

This phenomena is popularly called the “Internet of Things

Companies now want to monitor all parts of their business, to create a “real time” picture of their entire company at any given time.

Were you previously measured your business every month, week or day, you are now able to measure everything, globally in real time. Everything from offshore oil flow measurements , to real time GPS location of your delivery trucks is now a normal occurrence.

The ability to connect, monitor and ultimately make use of this constant data stream , is important to maintain or improve your competitiveness in the fast changing markets of today.

The “Internet of Things” is transforming decision making processes fast. Companies with accurate real-time information will be able to respond much faster to changes in the market than their competitors.

Internet/datacom providers with local knowledge, and global reach, like Xfiber, will be crucial to achieve this high level of connectivity.

Xfiber is a Norwegian datacom supplier with nearly 20 years’ experience in the Norwegian B2B datacom market.

Our core network is connected to several major national and international traffic hubs to provide our customers with the best possible connectivity, both locally and worldwide.

How critical is connectivity for your business?

A large proportion of the data you use every day comes from sources outside the workplace, such as e-mail, and cloud-based services.

According to both IDC and Gartner, the major server manufacturers now see a worldwide shift in server sales, from individual businesses to datacenters. The server room moves out of the office.

Fiber_closeupThis provides access to more powerful computers for all businesses, which in turn creates many new opportunities for computing.

To exploit these vast new opportunities your company needs a fast, scalable and reliable datacom/internet connection.

All the major players in the datacom market currently have strong, and fully redundant, core networks.

The potential weakest link in your internet/datacom access is probably the “last mile” between your provider’s core network and your office location.

No matter which datacom provider you choose, downtime in the event of a “last mile” cable breakage and / or failure of network components may occure.

Xfiber now offers full redundancy lines all the way to the customer building, with 100 % uptime  The solutions is based upon two physical separated lines between customers building and different nodes in Xfiber redundant core network.

With a true redundant connection from Xfiber your traffic is seamless and instantly switched to a fully redundant backup line in the event of a breach between your company and Xfibers core network.