How critical is connectivity for your business?

A large proportion of the data you use every day comes from sources outside the workplace, such as e-mail, and cloud-based services.

According to both IDC and Gartner, the major server manufacturers now see a worldwide shift in server sales, from individual businesses to datacenters. The server room moves out of the office.

Fiber_closeupThis provides access to more powerful computers for all businesses, which in turn creates many new opportunities for computing.

To exploit these vast new opportunities your company needs a fast, scalable and reliable datacom/internet connection.

All the major players in the datacom market currently have strong, and fully redundant, core networks.

The potential weakest link in your internet/datacom access is probably the “last mile” between your provider’s core network and your office location.

No matter which datacom provider you choose, downtime in the event of a “last mile” cable breakage and / or failure of network components may occure.

Xfiber now offers full redundancy lines all the way to the customer building, with 100 % uptime  The solutions is based upon two physical separated lines between customers building and different nodes in Xfiber redundant core network.

With a true redundant connection from Xfiber your traffic is seamless and instantly switched to a fully redundant backup line in the event of a breach between your company and Xfibers core network.